In an ominous atmosphere a bus halts. Black dressed characters bring an inflatable gorilla to life. While they have the roaring ape stomp across an industrial cityscape, plants and animals dart out. A surrealistic urban jungle emerges where the gorilla rules.

Writing, Directing & Animation – Sjors Vervoort
D.O.P – Stefano Bertacchini
Camera assistant – Chiel van Dongen
Gaffer – Friso B. Pankonin
Best boy – S. Paco Kumar
Gorilla – Sindy Buissink
Puppet players – Anouk Hubatka, Babiche Ronday, Sibel Sahin
Sound Design – Steven Aerts
Editing – Marco De Stefanis
Production – André Bos

this film was was supported by The Netherlands Film Fund and Pathé

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